We have Grand Cru Grower Champagne to sell!

Millesime 2005
Millesime 2005

The long awaited delivery of Champagne has arrived and the website Champagne store is up and running here  Having acquired an alcohol license, ordered and paid for the product, designed, built and tested the website, got going on Twitter, Facebook etc, at last there is something to sell! What is it that is being sold I hear you ask? Not surprisingly it’s Champagne and in particular, Grand Cru Grower Champagne. 


These Champagnes are the product of a single producer and vineyard owner, coming directly from the families who own the vineyards, know the grapes and make the wine.  When you couple this with Grand Cru quality - the best vineyards in the Champagne region - you have a unique and very special Champagne that is a delight to enjoy and won't break the bank.


If you are looking for Champagne that is interesting, smooth, elegant and cannot be bought on the high street then please give our website a look over.  We have nine different Champagnes - including vintage and rose - from three grower producers; Bruno Vauversin from the Grand Cru village of Oger together with Baradon-Michaudet and Bernard Pertois from the Grand Cru village of Mesnil sur Oger.  There is no minimum order quantity and only a £6 flat rate delivery fee.  


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    The majority of this implies natural product yields will be particularly lower. Deficits in volume will be made up by utilizing from earlier years. Unreasonably the wines could be all the more capable and age better.

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    Champagne ought to dependably be kept in a cool, dull place. On the off chance that conceivable it ought to be avoided warmth, light and wherever that could see expansive temperature varieties. Basements are commonly a perfect putting away place for Champagne. Keep put away on its side.