Champagne for weddings and special events

Wedding excitiement

We are able to supply any of our Champagnes in bulk for weddings or other special events.


Everyone knows Champagne is the traditional drink for celebration so if you're organising a wedding reception, christening, bar mitzvah, product launch or another high-profile event make sure you have the best quality Champagne you can.


But everyone is used to the standard Champagne names, so why not treat your guests to something a little different? Providing your guests with a Champagne that stands out is another way of making your event that little bit more unique and memorable.


That's where our Champagnes come in. Grower Champagnes are unique and high quality, no high street repetition here. Why not order a taster? - we can deliver single bottles.


How much should I order?


In general, for a Champagne aperitif or cocktail, allow one bottle for every three to four guests. For the tradtional Champagne toast at a wedding reception one bottle is enough for six to eight guests.


If you are considering ordering Champagne for an event of any size we are here for you. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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