About Moore Champagne...

Champagne  Glasses and toast

Here at Moore Champagne our aim is to promote the availability and encourage the delight to be had in consuming Champagne that is not normally available in the UK.  


Moore Champagne is a small family business (our surname is Moore) which specialises in importing lesser-known yet high-quality Champagne from some of the smaller grower-producers.


We think it's a huge shame that most people are unaware of the amazing range of Champagnes available that are not the big name brands.


Where our journey started


It all began with a night at Madame Baradon Michaudet's charming B&B in Mesnil sur Oger. There in the minifridge in the room was a bottle of Champagne at a highly acceptable price. Sitting outside in the little courtyard in the evening sun, surrounded by flowers, the notion of drinking champagne just for fun became steadily more attractive, untill at last the second bottle was breached.  


Like every other holiday drinking experience we assumed what seemed marvellous abroad would deteriorate as soon as it was transported home and drunk under a grey sky in a damp garden.


It didn't.


Several bottles were transported home and they lit up a number of dull November lunchtimes. 


This experience spurred other family members to head to Champagne themselves. A number of weeks sampling planted a seed in all our minds and it wasn't long before Moore Champagne was born. 


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