The Christmas Day Champagne Experiment

To celebrate on Christmas Day this year we decided to have a few glasses of Champagne. 


Whilst deciding which bottle to open we thought a little experiment was called for. 


A bottle of Moet Chandon had been sculling around the garage for a while was opened and duly consumed followed shortly by a bottle of Bruno Vauversin's excellent Grand Cru Brut Original.  This exercise was scheduled to accompany the exchange of gifts round the tree. 

The Moet should have been a good reliable way to kick-start the ceremony. All agreed it was adequate, albeit a little bland, and (dare one say it) innocuous. The Vauversin was on the other hand outstanding and in a league of its own.  


It had depth, excitement and exuded fun and laughter. 


It continues to amaze me why more of us are not drinking these outstanding grower Champagnes. For the same price or less than a bottle of Moët you get a drink in a totally different class.  


Spreading the word about fantastic Grand Cru Grower Champagne is thankfully going to be taking up more and more of my time in 2014...  


Now off to decide which ones we will be drinking on New Year's Eve.




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    Lydia Toson (Wednesday, 01 January 2014 23:05)

    I totally agree, Moet is to grower champagne what a plain digestive biscuit is to a delicate, Parisien macaron. It does a job (of sorts) but lacks the liveliness and individual character of a grower champagne. Cheers to the new year and continuing success for Moore Champagne!