Grower Champagne - Its a no-brainer!

I could not agree more!
I could not agree more!

The Grower Champagne revolution is slowly gaining momentum as this recent article I found points out.  The big names are startiing to feel the heat - have they had it too good for too long?  If you still need convincing on Grower Champagne here is a neat summary as to why Grower is definitely the way to go:


- The Champagne you are purchasing comes from families not factories.  They produce thousands of bottles not millions.

- You are buying a wine with authenticity, character and provenance.  It tells the story of the village and vineyard it came from and the family that made it.


- Grower Champagne is honestly priced - based on what it cost the grower to produce it and make a small profit and not to support a huge marketing budget selling a 'brand'.


- You are making your own decision when you buy a Grower Champagne - well done, you have not succumbed to the marketing glitz like all the others.


- You are buying a quality Grand Cru Champagne for a fraction of the price of big name Prestige Cuveé - for the price of one of them you could have 2 or 3 grower Champagnes! 


More, better, for less - its a-no brainer!


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