A different view on Rosé – more than just a ‘one flute drink’

There are many views on Rosé, not all of them positive. While the opinions of wine snobs can be valid, it’s important that you experiment and don’t get confounded by supposed established rules. Quite often they’re not based on much.


In this vein I always tell people to experiment and find what they like and not to feel embarrassed about it. Rosé Champagne is a classic example of this.

Most waiters and restaurants will tell you that customers drinking Rosé Champagne will probably only have a single glass as it’s considered ‘a fun aperitif’ – something to sip and enjoy before the serious business gets started.


But I suggest you ditch that approach – there’s no real reason why you can’t have Rosé Champagne with the whole meal – or as your main drink for the evening – and there are a number of valid reasons for doing so.


All Champagne types (including Rosé) are a great accompaniment to duck and game as it cuts through and emolliates the oiliness of the meat. Likewise Rosé is a great accompaniment to Lobster (if you’re really pushing the boat out) but also other types of seafood work very well.

Rosé Champagne, with its fresh fruity flavours, is the perfect candidate to be matched with desserts. As evidence of this there are, for me, few more delightful dining experiences than a raspberry pannacotta with mascarpone (with fresh raspberries of course) alongside a flute of Rosé Champagne.  It’s enough to transport you from the depths of gloomy February to a summer zenith of sunshine and laughter.


Finally, you can even match Rosé with cheese, soft goat’s cheese to be precise. It works wonders and I heartily recommend you try it.


One thing to point out – don’t over chill your Rosé. I can’t stress this enough. It is best served at 10 to 12 C. If you serve it ice cold you won’t be able to enjoy the full range of available flavours and tastes.


So don’t be cowed by the snobs – don’t let them rain on your parade – have a try and see how it goes.  Rosé champagne can and should be considered more than ‘a one glass drink’ – it certainly deserves more.


If you get any funny looks or comments feel free to point them in my direction…


Happy Rosé drinking everyone.