Interview with Father Christmas

2020 has been an unusual year for many, not least a gentleman who lives in Lapland and relies on horsepower of the red-nosed variety.


We were very lucky to be able to grab a few minutes of his time for a quick interview.

Santa, thank you so much for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to talk to Moore Champagne. We have so many questions, but we've managed to pick a few that we've just got to know the answers to – so here goes!


Q. How fast does your sleigh go?


A. Oh that's a good one. Lots of very clever scientists have spent a long time trying to work it out, based on how many houses I have to visit every year in so many countries around the world. It doesn't have a speedometer but I do know that it's faster than the fastest sports car. You just have to believe in a little bit of magic.


Q. Would you ever switch the sleigh to electric power?


A. Never! Reindeer are very environmentally friendly (as long as they don't eat sprouts) and very renewable because when they retire, their children take over. Plus, I don't need to stop every few hundred miles to plug them in – it would make my trips take far too long and I wouldn't want to miss anyone out.


Q. Has everyone made the nice list this year?


A. As everyone's worked so hard to keep each other safe this year, I think almost everyone will be on the nice list. There's still a few days left yet so I need everyone to keep being good please!


Q. What is the strangest gift you've ever delivered?


A. I once helped deliver a new baby early one Christmas morning, does that count?


Q. Tea or coffee?


Neither I'm afraid. I only drink Champagne and sherry. Not together of course! Sherry to keep me warm and Champagne to celebrate when my night's work is done.



Thanks Father Christmas for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to us.


Good luck this year!